Monday, November 27, 2006

Nurturing Creativity

The past couple of days have seen some thought provoking posts about creativity, the artist within us, and how to nurture and grow in our creativity. The posts I'm talking about are at Sharon Boggon's blog, and Rissa's Pieces , another great blog.

For a long time, during the prime kidlet rearing years, I managed to squeeze in time to be creative, in one way or another. Sometimes it was fiber related, but many times my creativity was poured out into my cooking, gardening, decorating, home renovation and work. There wasn't time or space enough to give my muse the room it needed, so sometimes it would just show up and give me a nudge (or more likely, a kick in the butt). Then I would finally take the time to indulge the creative being inside me with weaving, needlepoint, cross-stitch, knitting, crocheting and stained glass. At least until the kitchen was overflowing with dishes and there were no clean clothes in the house!

I never took the time to become really proficient at any one craft and as I look back on it, I think it was because each thing I made had to have a reason for being made. Of all the beautiful items I made over the years, I have only a handful to show for it. Nearly all of them were made and then given away as gifts. That way, you see, I could justify the time and expense of my crafts... my art. I needed to be able to have a completed project so I went for the simple, albeit beautiful... then gave it away. Hmmmmm.... interesting what you find out when you stop and really think about it.

So, now I am at a stage in life where I can "indulge" myself and feed my creativity, set aside a room in the house as a workroom, build a stash up so I have what I need at my fingertips and make something purely for the sake of making something beautiful, and then... learn from it... explore it and keep it! What a concept! ;0)

So... in keeping with the 5 Ways to Nurture Creativity in Sharon's post... here are my five goals for upping the creativity quotient in myself.

1. Organize the workroom so it is easy to use.
2. Create each morning before leaving for work.
3. Continue thinking about my project during the day.
4. Utilize a visual journal (again!)
5. Take classes and join a guild to push the envelope.

There... 2007 - here I come!!!!!!!!!!


Rissa said...

Woo hoo, go Marty! :-)

Actually, I have almost nothing that I have made through the years, because I always give things as gifts or donations to charity. I only knit socks for myself...well, okay, one pair that I knit from my first wheel spun yarn and intended to full...went to my husband. LOL

And thanks for the nice comments on and about my blog. :-)

Jo in NZ said...

Marty...I've stolen your life!! lol. Your first few paragraphs are SO my life now. These posts, and the forum, have taken another turn for me, and have created discussion and thought on honoring your own talent and accomplishments. Do you have any thoughts on that?
(I can CQ, but other people tend to verbalise what I am thinking so much better.)