Sunday, November 19, 2006

Week 2 & 3 progress

Apparently I'm going to just keep on using this same piece of fabric and add week 3 bits to week 2 bits and see what happens. I used a ring off an old bit of costume jewelry and made a snowflake around it using #12 varigated perle cotton:
Week 2 - snowflake
I love the way it came out, but there isn't as much of a contrast as I would like with the fabric.

Here is another large double circle point:
Point 3
On this one I used #3 perle cotton, using circular button hole stitch in the center, a running stitch around the outside and then lacing with another color of thread. I like the concept but the execution in this instance leaves a bit to be desired.

Then, I added lines from week 3:
Week 3 -  beginning
This is some novelty knitting yarn couched down with perle cotton and then button hole stitches hugging the couched yarn. More pink button hole stitches are needed to finish it off, but this is where I got to tonight.

Hope to get more done tomorrow, see you then!


Anonymous said...

Marty, I'm enjoy seeing parts of lesson 2 & 3 put together like this. Great colors, too.

Allison said...

Oh! Oh! Oh!
Can I save these? Terrific!