Thursday, November 09, 2006

No stitching to report on today; however, I will answer a couple of questions from the comments to the last couple of posts.

Chloe, I did try to use combinations of stitches that echoed American Indian motifs that are probably very similar to Aztec motifs. The colors, including the linen, are colors that are associated with the American Southwest so it all kind of works together.

Elizabet, the very bottom line of stitches is simply three rows of alternating running stitch, but it all combines with the lines above to become Guilloche stitch.

Conni, Yes!!! '52 was a very good year! LOL! And thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes, it was so nice to see my in box fill up with all the comments!

I'm working on finishing the last bits of this sampler so I can move onto the next lesson. Hope to have something to show everyone tomorrow.

Nite, nite!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks! now that you've told me I can see it!