Saturday, November 25, 2006

The last of the leftovers :0(

Well, we polished off the Thanksgiving turkey today. Not much happened on the stitching front since I made stock with the turkey bones which turned into a turkey mushroom soup that came out pretty good. I used Shitaki and button mushrooms, but next time I think I'll use twice the number of mushrooms... it wasn't quite mushroomy enough.
Turkey mushroom soup

And then, because we had already finished off the pumpkin pie... and... well, see there was this third empty, lonely pie shell in the fridge and we decided that it needed to be a pumpkin pie, too. It was very good...
Pumpkin pie in duplicate
It'll be even better for breakfast with a tall, cold glass of milk.


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Rissa said...

I made turkey and wild rice soup. I had made my stock when I cooked the giblets with shallots and celery. It is one of the reasons I love cooking on Thanksgiving. :-)