Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Thanks, ladies, for the great comments...

Jane Ann - "But, been there, done that crap... I'll be damned if I'm going to waste what good time I have left stalking dust bunnies and vacuuming 4 times a week." I almost spewed diet Coke all over the computer screen... thanks for the laugh and all the other good things you said.

Jo - "he is also on first name terms with the vacuum (I don't even know its surname!)." Hee!!... a vacuum with a name... Hee!

Rian - "To not create would be like stopping breathing. Impossible." Oh, you are so right lady... so right!

Allison - "Sounds like yours is one of the great marriages" Well, it's pretty damn good I must say... it took a LONG time for us to train each other, though... ;0)

Seriously, thanks for understanding what I was trying to say... I read it through about 3 times last night and it seemed to make sense; however, I was rather afraid to read it over again this morning!! Amazingly enough it STILL made sense!

Oh... and boy, when Sharon mentions you on her blog, you really get lots more visitors!! WooHoo!

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Jane Ann said...

"... Amazingly enough it STILL made sense!"

What you wrote was inspired. I love it when a thought seizes me and the words just seem to write themselves. I think that's what your piece was.

And it inspired me to just shoot from the hip (my usual stance). The pieces that come from inspiration usually fire up others. Keep writing those good words!