Monday, November 13, 2006

A small detour...

to another of my textile loves... mid-century fabrics. I automatically gravitate to fabric, can't help it - don't want to. Fabrics of all types, shapes, sizes and ages. When we moved into a house built in 1956 in Colorado, I started to explore the culture and architecture of the 1950's via magazines, books, etc.

Being a textile freak I started watching for mid-century textiles at yard sales and on eBay and did some reading about them. Since we moved to Phoenix and decided to once again buy a mid-century home, I've been slowly gathering a small collection. The past few months, since we bought our 1950 brick ranch, have been filled with fitting all of our stuff into this house. Although this house isn't really a mid-century modern home, we are incorporating aspects of that style of decorating with some of the other pieces we have collected over the years. We found some Danish Modern dining room furniture from the fifties and now I have finally started to pull out my fabrics to do some decorating.

I'm not crazy about alot of the fabrics from that era, but some of them are VERY nice... at least in my eyes! This is a length of fabric off of eBay that someone made into curtains sometime during the fifties. It's not really a barkcloth, but I do think it is a cotton blend. Here's a closeup:
Liv Rm curtains - close
It's a cool off-white backround with green, taupe, brown, pink and coral figures.

Unfortunately, our couch is a warm off-white and they really don't match well. See?
Liv Rm curtains - full
It's all good, though, having an off-white couch in this house is an exercise in futility so I'll probably reupholster the couch to match the curtains.

Not that I've ever upholstered anything... :0)

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debraspincic said...

I love retro fabrics like your curtains! I love retro furniture too--expecially 50s furniture. In one house I had, I had a pretty good collection because all the elderly people in the town were dying and their kids were selling it so cheaply I could afford it & no one else wanted it. Then, it became chic!

I have the fabric to reupholster a sectional so let me know when you are ready to go!